Life Magazine August 24, 1953 – Ballerinas at Beach


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Life Magazine Cover : Morman Ballerinas at a beach – cute photo of two young girls, Crystal Mann and Bonnie Vernon.

  • Neat full page color Champion spark plugs ad with Pilot Eddie Rickenbacker and his World War I bi-wing plane, and the speed boat “It’s a wonder.”
  • A very nice letter from David Wassertheil pertaining to combat fatigue and the Korean war.
  • Strikes spread through France.
  • Nice series of photos showing different skirts being blown or raised.
  • Photo – Earthquake in Greece, aerial taken of the Ionian island city of Zante.
  • U.S. farmers vote for controls on wheat, includes photos of Tom Praisner, George Howe Jr, others.
  • A.F. of L. – losing some, gaining others.
  • President’s Colorado golf cronies – Cherry Hills golf course.
  • William Rosen and Milton Ellenby become youngest team to win Master Pairs Bridge tourney.
  • Horse racing scandal in England, 2 horses named Francasal, 3 men named Maurice Williams.
  • Memorial mosaic to U.S. war dead is completed, Artist Francis Scott Bradford, in chapel near Cambridge, England.
  • Russia.
  • Animals of the desert – photo essay.
  • Kinsey report on women.
  • Fashion – college date dresses in color, college rooms in color.
  • The movie “Roman Holiday” with Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck.
  • Detroit Lions football team in training in Ypsilanti, Michigan, including Les Bingaman, Leon Hart, Pat Harder.
  • And much more NEAT content in this classic Life Magazine August 24, 1953!
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