Life Magazine August 22, 1960 – Champion Swimmers


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Very Good

(All Good, but spine sunned)

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Life Magazine Cover : Chris von Saltza and Lynn Burke, two pretty blonde women in swimming pool – U.S. Record breakers head for Olympics.

  • Full page Mayo Spruce men and boy’s underwear ad.
  • Full page color Burgermeister beer ad with nice beach art.
  • Fun photos of people looking up at an upsidedown house, it was to interest people in new low-cost homes, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, builders Norman Johnson and Hanley Wolf.
  • Two page ad for Gold Medallion Homes with the Bill and Kay Parks family.
  • Earth’s orbital traffic becoming almost All-American, Echo satellite, Robert Carroll, Albert Pospisil, Thomas White, Robert M. White (sets altitude record in X-15), X-15 dropping out of B-52 airplane, satellite cartoons by Edward Sorel.
  • Photo of Three Mississippi beauty queens, Lynda Lee Mead, Mary Ann Mobley, Patricia Ann McRaney.
  • Charlie and George Finn.
  • Sad answer to Sleeping Beauty case – Bernadette and Venita Fratantonio (see LIFE August 15, 1960) – their mother had been giving them large doses of barbiturates.
  • Folklore of America, Part 5, the frontier, art by Lewicki.
  • Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Bikini release with great illustrative color photo.
  • Three of his divorced wives help Johnny Meyer celebrate his birthday.
  • Neat huge model of the human brain, Will Burtin.
  • The National Purpose, as presented by Senator John F. Kennedy.
  • And much more NEAT content in this classic Life Magazine August 22, 1960!
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