Life Magazine August 10, 1962 – Janet Leigh


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Life Magazine Cover : Janet Leigh.

  • The drug thalidomide, birth defects, abortion and euthanasia, includes Sherri Finkbine, Richard Satherly, Jan Schulte-Hillen, more.
  • Full page color Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes as with Tony the Tiger.
  • Grace Wharton and the emergency phone number, murder of Donald G. Cooley by his son, written by Henry Suydam.
  • Thalidomide and deformed babies – Dr. Kelset, Samuel Andelman, Widukind Lenz.
  • Statement from William S. Merrell Company – makers of Thalidomide.
  • Should deformed babies be aborted?
  • Euthanasia by Richard Oulahan Jr.
  • Janet Leigh in Bye Bye Birdie.
  • Master of Agent 007 – Ian Flemming at work and play.
  • Boy and Girls – subteens growing up too fast – Debby Yarbrough, Sally Tom, Sally Stephens and Tom McCallister.
  • Docile fellow cowboys can’t ride – rodeo by Marshall Smith, with rodeo horses Question Mark, Sandhills, Belle Jaw, and Dexter.
  • The strength and style of our Navy Tradition by John F. Kennedy.
  • Intriguing two page color United States Steel ad has 90 mini photos of family meals from overhead.
  • Full page Allstate insurance ad with Emanuel Nadler of Brooklyn, with family.
  • And much more NEAT content in this classic Life Magazine August 10, 1962!
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