Life Magazine April 7, 1961 – Salt Water Fishing


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Life Magazine Cover : Fold-out photo of men ocean-fishing from boats, Harry Vernon off Biscayne Key, Florida.

  • Presidential rocking chair starts new nationwide craze, great set of historical photos of noted rocking chair aficionados including Mark Twain and Woodrow Wilson.
  • Now she’s on a tightrope above the city, dreaming again about running around in only her bra, full page Maidenform ad.
  • SEATO talk tougher over Laos.
  • Back cover Coca-Cola ad with young couple under picnic table in the rain.
  • The Mohole, drilling through the earth’s crust.
  • We could pass Russians in space with solid fuel boosters.
  • Photo essay – salt water anglers, William K. DuPont Carpenter, Mike Lerner, Gus Zarkades, Vlad Evanoff, Zane Grey.
  • Photo essay – Servant problem, part 1.
  • Two missionary women strive to teach Aucas, Elisabeth Elliot and Rachel Saint.
  • Lightweight styles.
  • Walt Disney, the old pro turns out some new movies, “The Absent-Minded Professor,” “One Hundred and One Dalmatians,” “The Parent Trap” coming soon.
  • Underwater anniversary recalls an underwater marriage, Bob Smith and Mary Beth Sanger (see March 8, 1954).
  • Nightclubs, tropical humor.
  • Looking for a maid, Dorothy Fuller Englehaupt in Chicago.
  • Marines practice leaving a sinking copter at Camp Pendleton.
  • Close-up – the many sided life of Sir Charles Snow.
  • Two page color Revlon ad for new color, honey bee pink.
  • Neat fake volcano for movie, “Devil at four o’clock.”
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