Life Magazine April 6, 1959 – The West


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Life Magazine Cover : How the west was won.

  • How the West was Won, Part I – fold out cover art from the Butler Art Institute, art by Bierstadt.
  • Full page ad for Esther Williams Pool, it is for private home, has Esther in the ad, as well as pool dimensions, and much more.
  • Nice full page Seagram’s VO whisky ad with golfing art.
  • Full page color John Hancock Life Insurance ad with Robert Goddard, early rocket designer.
  • Tibet takes on Red China – bid for independence.
  • Nice silhouette photo of the offshore mining platform being built by Freeport Sulphur Company in the Gulf of Mexico off Grand Isle, Louisiana.
  • Phone booth cram fad – how many people can you fit – photos.
  • William and Elsie Welch tip their canoe in the Charles River.
  • Sister Mary Lauretta watches Ronald Gates at the Westinghouse Science Talent search.
  • Bob Hope and his hat in “Alias Jessie James.”
  • 3,000-mph test sled for the Air Force.
  • How the west was won, discovering Pikes Peak, People of the Plains – wandering and primitive, Trappers to tame the mountains.
  • Wacky world of Dr. Seuss – his mind has never grown up.
  • Millie Perkins plays Anne Frank on Broadway.
  • Tennis star Alex Olmedo in Arquipa Peru.
  • Queens of fiction – Frances Parkinson Keyes, Taylor Caldwell and Edna Ferber are bestsellers.
  • Cute full page color Kellogg’s Corn Flakes cereal ad with little boy and policeman.
  • Creepy story about Richard Payne, who kidnapped his former cellmate’s family after being released from prison, Elma Baldwin and children in South Charleston.
  • Party with Aly Khan and Susan Strasberg.
  • Full page Milk Bone ad with Terrier (?) dog art by Kuhn.
  • Full page Aetna Casualty insurance ad with thousands of penguins.
  • Extremely pretty full page color Carnation evaporated milk ad with hand in white and red striped glove.
  • And much more NEAT content in this classic Life Magazine April 6, 1959!
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