Life Magazine April 6, 1953 – Lucy’s Family


Magazine Condition : Good (Small library stamp on baby’s belly on cover, otherwise is a Very Good cover)

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Life Magazine Cover : Lucille Ball, Desi Arnaz with kids (great feature article inside).

  • Full page Ethyl corporation ad with 1913 Chevrolet car and others, art by Robert Patterson.
  • Great photos of tornadoes.
  • Full page Bell Telephone ad with mother and daughter, Betty Miller and Ruby Miller.
  • Duke of Windsor remembers Queen Mary.
  • Franciszek Jarecki escapes from Russia with MIG 15 airplane (this flight to Danish island first mentioned in LIFE March 16, 1953.
  • Full page B&W ad for Fashion Trend furniture with Lucy and Desi.
  • Herbert Brownell Jr. profile.
  • Letter and photo pertain to Ski-saults, somersaults on skis – Dartmouth skiers John Bowler, John Carleton, mentions Gus Paulsen did is first in 1913.
  • Coffee ad featuring clown Emmett Kelly.
  • Indian pilgrims pour into Mysore town of Sravana Belgola to anoint the statue of Gomateswara, Hinduism.
  • Group photo of Medal of Honor winners.
  • Madame Chiang Kai-shek visits Wellesley.
  • Photos of immense train wreck at Ohio-Pennsylvania border, two trains and a pipe.
  • The Shrine of St. Ursula.
  • New fashion – Big Hats.
  • Japanese baseball players train in the US.
  • The Ghastly Secrets of Stalin’s Power by Alexander Orlov.
  • Great Preachers – Dr. Louis Hadley Evans, Dr. Theodore P. Ferris, Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, Dr. George Arthur Buttrick, Dr. Howard Thurman, Rabbi Abba.
  • Maude Callen gets new midwife clinic.
  • A neat story about a musical kindergarten in Spokane, Washington, includes photos of Melody Weimar, John Carver, Harley Reckord Jr., Joey Ralph and others.
  • Full page Camel cigarettes ad with 13 different baseball players, name and titles.
  • And much more NEAT content in this classic Life Magazine April 6, 1953!
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