Life Magazine April 30, 1965 – Life before birth


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Life Magazine Cover : Living 18-week-old inside its amniotic sac.

  • Unprecedented photographic feat in color : the drama of life before birth.
  • Really odd looking full page color Rambler ad with red fastback Marlin car.
  • Students in ferment – protesting and crusading college students across the country speak out against Vietnam war.
  • Floods along the Mississippi, including Alma, Wisconsin, Delano, Minnesota, Lake City, Minnesota, and Wabasha, Minnesota with Jim Fitzgerald.
  • Italy’s strikes.
  • Murder of a star clown, Paul Jung.
  • Remedy for Houston’s astrodome.
  • Special report – Venezuela, downfall of pair of Communist money-couriers.
  • “Brute” Krulak of the Marines.
  • Crack-up of a racing car, astounding photos, David “Red” Ryder, West Sacramento Speedway.
  • My life as an immortal myth, by Al Capp, with illustrations.
  • Very cute photo of Great Dane carrying a Chihuahua in a basket, Barbara Woodhouse.
  • Full page Broxodent Automatic toothbrush ad with Mr. and Mrs. Terry Dean of Columbus, Ohio.
  • Full page Johnson boat motor ad touts their role in the Miami-Nassau powerboat race.
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