Life Magazine April 23, 1951 – Dalai Lama


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Life Magazine Cover : Dalai Lama reaches safety.

  • Flight of the Dalai Lama, exclusive photos of historic trek over the Himalayas to escape Reds.
  • Sad story about Linda Joy (adopted by Bernice and Robert L. Young) who has been struck with Leukemia and died (see LIFE February 19, 1951).
  • Two page United Aircraft Corporation ad with full page color art of Consolidated B-36 airplane.
  • Scone’s Stone is found.
  • Humorous photo of Judy Garland falling during a dance.
  • Personal story of General Omar Bradley, Part 3 – the war America fought.
  • Yellow Fever survivor James Hanberry, only man left of famed Yellow jack volunteers.
  • Full page color Schlitz beer ad with car in lake art by Bill Fleming.
  • A wedding in Passiano, Italy – George Fortin marries Nina Farano.
  • MacArthur and History.
  • 34 of 36 horses fall in Grand National race at Aintree.
  • Desert Christ, 3-ton statue, Yucca Valley Church.
  • Yul Brynner in “The King and I.”
  • Mythical monsters, illustrated by Rudolf Freund.
  • New Mormon leader.
  • Another gorgeous full page color Van Raalte ad with nylons.
  • Neat two page color Kaiser-Frazer’s Henry J car ad with Rise Stevens.
  • St. Louis knight in armor, Walter Gleiber.
  • Attractive full page color Texaco ad with baseball theme.
  • Big name in dresses – Henry Rosenfeld, fashions.
  • Nice full page color Carling’s Red Cap ale with Lucille Ball.
  • Billboards along U.S. Highway 66 from Grants, New Mexico to Lupton, Arizona – tourist traps.
  • Full page Bell Telephone ad featuring Robert B. Foley who helped saved Donald King who had fallen through the ice, includes John Fitzgerald.
  • Full page color Pabst Blue Ribbon ad with golfer Ben Hogan.
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