Life Magazine April 14, 1961 – Mrs. Clark Gable & Son


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Life Magazine Cover : Mrs. Clark Gable and son, John Clark.

  • Historic photo discovered of scene of Lincoln’s death after he was taken from theatre, Julius Ulke photographer.
  • Picture study of Adolf Eichmann, how he spent his time in jail.
  • Secret Cuban revolt comes out into the open.
  • Cuban refugees in Florida, how they are coping.
  • Full page color TANG ad with picture of young man kissing a girl on the cheek.
  • Icebound trip of a stout little ship, the “William Carson” bound for Nova Scotia gets stuck in pack ice for 172 hours, Joseph Coonrod and family from Newfoundland.
  • Thailand’s Buddhas on display at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.
  • Norman L. Widen of Onalaska, Wisconsin – pilot, receives souvenirs from the man who shot him down in WWII, Anton Hafner.
  • Photo essay – earth’s second layer is tapped, mohole in the Pacific Ocean.
  • The servant problem, Part 2, hiring workers from abroad.
  • Fashion, elegance in chiffon.
  • Half page color Dickies ad with Pat Boone.
  • Debut of John Clark Gable.
  • Jackie Gleason soberly acts himself as a drunk.
  • Sequel, bed races hit the desert.
  • Funny photo of two giraffes with one head.
  • Statues of Buddhas.
  • Center spread two page color Kool-Aid ad, bright and graphic images of smiling pitchers of drinks.
  • Russian Moiseyev troupe is first to dance rock n’ roll on the stage of the Metropolitan Opera House, color photos.
  • Another lovely Cadillac car ad with jewels.
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