Life Magazine April 14, 1958 – Gwen Verdon


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Life Magazine Cover : Gwen Verdon as a Brokenhearted harlequin.

  • Sweater girl, Lana Turner’s saga of stardom.
  • Humorous spoof on soccer from Russia, these are photos.
  • Full page color Rath Meat Balls ad, these are pre-prepared meatballs that come in a box.
  • Homegrown forms of the political tax cut for stimulating the economy, includes neat story of Clifford Daly who owned the supermarket in Grosse Ile, Michigan – he gave every customer a chance to win a sack of 500 silver dollars with an unusual contest.
  • Soldier James Gavin goes off duty at Fort Bragg, North Carolina in an impressive ceremony.
  • Photo essay – Eleven fine actors get their dream roles.
  • Fidel Castro on the eve of his bid for power in Cuba.
  • The revolt in Indonesia.
  • The duckbill platypus.
  • Very colorful full page Simoniz floor wax ad with kids and muddy dog.
  • GREAT full page Post Grape nuts cereal ad with art by Dick Sargent, svelte young girl trying size 10 dress – sizes have changed!
  • Rebuilding the bridge of Santa Trinita by numbers.
  • Photo essay – Tryouts for good ideas.
  • Inside a teen-age gang in Brooklyn, New York.
  • Jazzman W. C. Handy dies.
  • Nice sequel piece on Skeezix Bonzi of Escalon, California (see May 26, 1947).
  • The Vincent Club of Boston puts on a Folie.
  • Bolshevik Below the Belt.
  • Full page Edsel color ad with white convertible/pink interior.
  • Full page Lincoln color ad with a blue Lincoln Landau.
  • And much more NEAT content in this classic Life Magazine April 14, 1958!
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