Life Magazine 1973 Special Report – The year 1973 in pictures


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(All Good, but cover aligned poorly on the staples, so overlaps 1/8″ at top and is tattered on that thin strip)

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Life Magazine Cover : The year 1973 in pictures.

  • The faces of Watergate – photos of the famous Nixon crew.
  • The fate of a President by Bonnie Angelo.
  • New American Heros – Gerald Ford, Henry Kissinger, Archibald Cox, Elliot Richardson, Sam J. Ervin, John Sirica.
  • Global fuel famine – Arabs close the oil spigot.
  • Great color photo of Pete Conrad and Paul Weitz, astronauts in skylab.
  • POW’s first year home, nice photo of Robert Stirm greeting his family.
  • Israel is fighting again.
  • Bob Jeffrey’s Obituary 1973.
  • Photo of Princess Anne and her horse falling at jump – she tells press “Sorry to disappoint, but I’m not really hurt.”
  • Photo from Woodstock.
  • Nice photo of Hank Aaron and another of Wiilie Mays, baseball.
  • Coolest photo ever of racehorse Secretariat.
  • Great roller derby photo of Charlie O’Connell of the San Francisco Bay bombers.
  • The sweep of 1973 – famous photos.
  • Burglary tools from the Watergate break in.
  • And the war drags on – photos of 1974 Vietnam.
  • And much more NEAT content in this classic Life Magazine 1973 Special Report!
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