LOOK 1965

Historical Highlights of 1965 …

  • Vietnam war escalation begins, 150,000 US troops deployed to Vietnam.
  • The Beatles play at Shea Stadium. The concert set new world records for attendance (55,600+) and for revenue.
  • “The Sound Of Music” with Julie Andrews is released, wins Best Picture at the Academy Awards.
  • Famous Births … Sarah Jessica Parker, Trent Reznor, Elizabeth Hurley.
  • Deaths … T. S. Eliot, Winston Churchill, Nat King Cole, Edward R. Murrow.
  • Masters Tournament – Jack Nicklaus shoots a Masters record 271 (17 under par) to win by nine strokes.
  • A Loaf of bread cost 21 cents.
  • The Palm Sunday Tornado Outbreak: An estimated fifty-one tornadoes (forty-seven confirmed) hit in six Midwestern states killing anywhere from 256 to 271 people and injuring some 1,500 more.
  • Canada adopts the red and white maple leaf flag.
  • Sony introduces it’s Betamax video recorder.

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