LOOK 1961

Historical Highlights of 1961 …

  • First US astronaut, Navy Cmdr. Alan B. Shepard, Jr., rockets 116.5 miles up in 302-mile trip.
  • Ben E. King has a hit with “Stand By Me”.
  • “West Side Story” is released and goes on to win 10 Academy Awards including Best Picture.
  • Famous Births … Eddie Murphy, Melissa Etheridge, Diana, Princess of Wales.
  • Deaths … Carl Jung, Ernest Hemingway, Ty Cobb.
  • Mickey Mantle becomes the highest paid player in Major League Baseball by signing a contract that will pay him $75,000 per season.
  • Average Cost of a new car is $2,850.00
  • Super Typhoon Nancy was a powerful tropical cyclone with possibly the strongest winds ever measured in a tropical cyclone. Nancy caused extensive damage and at least 173 deaths and thousands of injuries in Japan and elsewhere.
  • Soviet cosmonaut, Yuri Gagarin is the first human in space.

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