LOOK 1953

Historical Highlights of 1953 …

  • Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower inaugurated President of United States.
  • Elvis Presley records for the first time.
  • “From Here To Eternity” is in theaters. It wins 8 Oscars including Best Picture.
  • Famous Births … Cyndi Lauper, Hulk Hogan, Ken Burns.
  • Deaths … Hank Williams, Eugene O’Neill, Dylan Thomas.
  • New York Yankees won 4 games to 2 over the Brooklyn Dodgers in the World Series.
  • The cost of a gallon of Gas was 20 cents.
  • The strongest storms ever recorded break through flood defenses across the UK leaving 150 dead.
  • Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay perform the first successful ascent to the summit of Mount Everest.
  • Cigarette Smoking is reported as causing Lung Cancer.

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