LOOK 1944

Historical Highlights of 1944 …

  • Invasion of Normandy, Allies land in France (D-Day).
  • Popular band leader Glenn Miller is reported missing. The official explanation is that his plane went down somewhere over the English Channel, although many alternate theories have been suggested.
  • “Going My Way” starring Bing Crosby released, wins Best Picture the following year.
  • Famous Births … Diana Ross, George Lucas, Danny DeVito.
  • Deaths … Erwin Rommel, Wassily Kandinsky.
  • Green Bay Packers win the Super Bowl over the New York Giants in New York City.
  • A loaf of bread cost 10 cents.
  • A 5.9 earthquake hits Central New York
  • Hitler survives assassination attempt.
  • Sunscreen invented in USA by Benjamin Green (he was trying to invent something to protect soldiers in the Second World War from Sunburn). He then went on to create the Coppertone Company.

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