LOOK Magazine 1937-1971

LOOK magazine is an American treasure! Each issue is a wonderful snapshot of life during years-gone-by, both at home and abroad. You’ll find a great assortment of news articles, political and social commentary, and world events and viewpoints. The editors did a super job of inviting you into the lives of interesting persons, be they famous, infamous, or simply someone you might enjoy meeting. Reporting of events is comprehensive and fair, written in a detailed style that is readable and full of interest.
The illustrations are another treat for you! LOOK magazine made greater use of color than the similar LIFE magazine of the same years. All early LOOK magazine covers are in brilliant full color. Interior illustrations consist of very high quality artwork and photographs. As for LIFE magazines, earlier issues have a higher proportion of art and later issues have more photos. Every issue has a nice assortment of vintage advertisements that really illustrate the lifestyle at the time.
The content we list is a sample of what you will find in the issue. We have made an effort to select things of interest to many (such as baseball coverage) as well as things of interest to few (the names of ordinary individuals). As you might guess, the content we list contains our opinions and reflects our tastes. We have provided a search feature for your convenience.
LOOK magazines measure about 13.5″ x 10.5″. The number of pages per issue varies greatly over the years. The LOOK magazine page numbering scheme includes the covers, i.e. the Front cover counts as pages 1 and 2.