Magazine Condition

General information about Magazine Condition 
Condition grading is subjective  – I try to be conservative. It is my hope that each and every customer will be very pleased with their purchase and will find the magazine to be nicer than they expected. All of my magazines are GOOD and are nice enough to be gifts.

GOOD : A nice copy. There may be mild to moderate signs of use or age. These issues are all intact and without serious damage. Many, but not all, of the covers are framable.

Common to all magazines :
Many magazines have a mailing label, sometimes on the back – please ask if this is a critical issue. I never remove address labels because they rarely come off cleanly and, when left in place, are a neat form of provenance for each magazine. A number of magazines, especially the newer ones, have a small library stamp – please ask if you intend to frame the cover.

Also common is a detached center spread with bumped edges – the staples were a tad short for the years with thicker issues. I do not consider this to be damage unless the loose center pages have become significantly battered along the edges. I welcome specific questions if my descriptions do not cover your needs. If I have missed something significant, please let me know immediately – I will make it better!

Please note : Some vintage magazines have a faint odor common to vintage paper.  If it is more than “faint” the magazine does not make it into my stock.  Once I inspect and process each magazine, it is placed in a protective archival polypropylene bag and tightly stored with others in an enclosed space. If your vintage magazine arrives with a slight odor, it is easy to eliminate it by removing the magazine from the plastic bag, and spreading it open to air out for a couple days.

Why are some magazine descriptions longer than others?
The business developed over many years. Sometimes there was time to write long descriptions, but early on there often wasn’t time.  The length of the description in no way represents the value of the issue – all of the issues have many interesting features and other pieces. All of the descriptions represent a SAMPLE of the text, photos, and advertisements in the issue, NOT the entire content.  “Magazines by Joseph” has purchased exclusive use of these descriptions from the original owner.